About Us

Milford Titus Women  "Titus 2: 3-5"

Milford Titus Women was formed in September of 2008. A group of women saw needs in our small community and very few options to help meet them. We are the place to go to find help in our community of Milford, Texas. We will direct those in need to a place who can meet those needs long term while meeting the immediate need. We take pride in our community and promote functions that will bring us together for fun and fellowship. We believe this will unite us together as a community. 

Milford Titus Women is a registered Non-Profit Charitable Community Outreach Organization. 

Milford Titus Women have a yearly Coats 4 Kids program. Providing coats for school age children who would other wise not have one. We host the Angel Tree at Christmas time. Making sure all our children have something under the tree. 

Milford Titus Women host nights like our Father- Daughter Dinner and Dance. Promoting the important Father Daughter bond.

Milford Titus Women think that our children are our most precious assets. We promote awareness with groups like the G.O.C. (Guardians of the Children) and B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse).


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